The Shack...

My Shack

I knew I was taking my General, so I started stocking up on gear. I passed on Jan 12, 2019 and started setting things up that Sunday.

The HF setup:

The VHF/UHF setup:

So far I've mostly been on FT8 with contacts as far as New Caledonia, Argentina, South Africa, Croatia, & Alaska. I've started Calling CQ on SSB though, so wish me luck! If you hear me out there, be nice.

I've also been playing with Winlink on & off. I finally got everything tweaked and working again recenctly. Of course since I'm a Mac guy I have to fire up a Windows VM to check it, but I've been trying to do it on a regular basis, so drop me a line if you want to test it out.

Club Memberships

Here are the various ARCs I'm a member of, in something like a growing geographical order.